Press Logs and Crime Maps

Calls for Service

The Calls For Service report lists all the calls the Signal Hill Police Department received and entered into the Computer Aided Dispatch system during the 24 hour period specified (from midnight to midnight). The Calls for Service list (in order from left to right) displays Event Number, Date/Time, Description, Location, and Disposition of Call.

Arrest Reports

The Arrest Report is a list of adult arrestees entered into the electronic booking system during the 24 hour period specified (from midnight to midnight). The Arrest Report lists (in order from left to right) the arrestee's Last Name, First Name, Sex, Race, Age, Date of Occurrence, Case Number, Charge(s), Arrest Date, Booking # and Citation #. Definitions of most charges can be found in the California Penal Code and the California Vehicle Code. Click here for definitions of the Signal Hill Municipal Codes.

Crime Mapping

Crime Reports is an online mapping tool that allows you to search for recent crimes based on address or location. Results can be filtered by date range, day of week, time range, and incident type/crime category. 

The crime categories are broken down into several basic groups, including burglary, theft, traffic accidents, etc. The crime indicators are placed in the general area where the crime occurred and not the exact location. Certain crimes have been omitted to protect the privacy of affected parties as mandated by state law.

Crime Mapping website